Scientists have named the main condition for weight loss

Scientists have named the main condition for weight loss

weight loss   Employees of Women's Hospital Brigham, together with experts from Tufts University in Boston (USA) conducted a study to prove that in trying to lose weight it is important to monitor not only calorie of food. Doctors concluded that the key condition in this case is that, when a person eats the most satisfying dish of the day. The later you eat your main meal, the more difficult it will be to lose weight, experts say. According to his report, lead author of the research neuroscientist Frank Scheer, scientists study demonstrated that when people eat at a later time of the day, they lose weight considerably worse and slower than those who make it to 15.00.  

"So, how many people eat their main course, an important factor in the preparation of different weight loss programs," - says Dr. Scheer.

  Specialists analyzed the data of a large group of people with excess weight (420 people) who participated in the 20-week program of weight loss in Murcia, traditionally in this region is the main dish of the day is considered to be a dinner, which accounts for almost 40 % daily calories consumed by local residents. Women who participated in the experiment were divided into two groups, one of which ate his lunch at an early time (up to three hours of the day), and the other - in a later (after three o'clock in the afternoon). In summing up it turned out that participants in the first group lost weight significantly better, while in the second there was a reduced sensitivity to insulin, which is a prerequisite for the development of diabetes.  

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