Scientists have told us where dwells the most bacteria

Scientists have told us where dwells the most bacteria



Experts call the most dangerous objects in the kitchen dishcloths and mobile phones. Research has shown that they are inhabited by the greatest number of bacteria.


Forget the cutting board, sink and dirty dishes - the highest number of bacteria on your kitchen lives on a kitchen towel, and mobile phones. Researchers at Kansas State University in the US found that these objects are a major cause of infections, and they often live bacteria that can cause severe food poisoning.


People often touch the kitchen towels before being washed their hands, and that leads to the spread of bacteria. A large number of people holding the kitchen and cell phones when involved in cooking.


These studies confirm the results obtained by scientists from the University of Arizona, who found that 90% of kitchen towels contaminated with bacteria that cause food poisoning.


Another study at the same university employees showed that mobile phones contain 10 times more pathogens than toilet seats toilet. In the new study, the researchers observed the 123 people at the time of cooking them.


It turned out that the kitchen towels, which are associated with purity, in reality, are the main disseminators of bacteria throughout the kitchen. The same applies to the phone, especially if they are infected with bacteria was before entering the kitchen, for example, during a visit to the toilet.


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