Decorate the table for March 8!

Decorate the table for March 8!

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Decorate the table for March 8!

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recipes, table, 8 MarchOnly a few days before the celebration of women's holiday, and would love to see the beautifully laid table. And what would be delicious not to attend, yet more elegant they look in the event that the dishes will still be decorated.
Especially because it does not require anything particularly complex, since it can be used to decorate almost any kind of food, vegetables and fruits. So that the possession of special skills are not needed, the main thing - to observe the colors.
Let's look at the most basic design options for cold dishes.
Agree, for salads, we often use vegetables fresh and boiled form.
For example, in the case of cucumbers, they are enough to cut along the thin slices or across long strips that are easy to roll up into rolls. If your culinary capabilities are high, and you have available a set of special knives and tools, you can create with cucumbers and spirals and beads, and flowers, bells. If you take a cucumber and hard-boiled egg, then you can draw a couple of water lilies, and if you use a cucumber more solid in diameter, some of it you easy to construct baskets that can be filled with anything on your own, it may be sour berries , canned peas or corn, or shredded radish. It should be said that for this purpose will approach not only cucumbers, but also salted and pickled.
If you decide to take the tomatoes, then they can also be cut into thin slices, and maybe you prefer medium-sized wedges, this is also a good option. When using a knife, it is possible to depict two flower, tomato dividing the middle into two parts spiky "star" lines, whereupon tomato pulp is removed with a spoon, and the cavity can be filled with different ingredients, e.g., the same peas or corn. Again, you can use boiled hard-boiled egg, which will serve as a foot for the mushroom, but the hat - half tomato, coated with a drops of mayonnaise or sour cream. For greater reliability, secure the mushroom cap with his foot, you can use the piece of fresh carrots, connecting them with a tomato egg clipped end.
But tomato-egg mushroom - it's not all that can be drawn from the egg as you, for example, fish head, which is worthy to grace any fish salad? For this "stupid" part of the hard-boiled egg cut in such a way that you can put it on a surface with a slope. But in acute need of the egg cut area into which the triangular piece of boiled beets or carrots, imitating the language, they also can be used for eye, inserting small pieces in a pre Realized holes, or eyes can be made from peas.
Since we have already recalled the carrot, then it is better to use jewelry, pre decoction of it until half in salted water with a little vinegar. And then you can cut out of it whatever they want.
To decorate hard-boiled eggs can be cut into slices on a plate, or a sharp knife make a lily in the middle of the egg with a sharp knife make a star-shaped incisions. If you choose to limit round egg plastics, in their midway, you can insert canned pea or pea black pepper or sprinkle it on top of chopped greens and sprinkle with turmeric or red pepper. As decorations used not only an egg, but also quail.
Even the butter can be fed nicely, for example, it is not necessarily spread on a sandwich, you can separately submit it to the outlet, cut into neat cubes or make any other form of pieces, and can be frozen oil grate. Moreover, the oil can be given a certain color.
The same can be said with regard to cheese, it gives a beautiful shape shaped knife, sliced ​​in any way, even slices, squares though, maybe you like the sticks, triangles or diamonds? And to anyone to this embodiment can be attached by means of special shpazhek anything, any slice of fruit or vegetable, or maybe your choice of stops on a lemon drop, sprinkled with sugar.
We would like to dwell on citrus, especially lemons, peel on which should make cuts shaped knife to help cut it into thin slices. And the same can be said about the orange. These fruits decorate sandwiches with roasted meat or fish, including fish smoked or canned fish.
If you want to use the more traditional options, or prefer the usual vegetables, use, for example, a bulb, which can be cut with a sharp knife in a star right in the middle, as well as eggs and tomatoes. Alternatively, cut it into thin rings, scalded with boiling water or acetic solution, and it is possible to hold it in milk or fried onions in a pan with vegetable oil. A possible and easy to decompose thin onion rings, dividing them by giving them a specific color using milled or ground green pepper, and then lay the colored rings in the dish "overlapped". It can be in the middle, not too large onions, with a small sharp knife, cut a zigzag line and split onion in half. In the center of each half can be expanded olives, radish flowers, etc.
Of the most radishes can also be a separate figure decoration, for example, take a medium-sized radishes oblong varieties of it can be represented by a fan or neat mini tulips, and if you use round radish varieties, select the larger specimens and cut out of it bumps. From this vegetable can "create" such an option, which is reminiscent of a zebra, for that on the surface of the skin radish shaped knife cut strips. Before you can use radish for decoration, hold it for a while in the cold water. It is perfectly possible to do such an embodiment, when the radishes cut into slices or grate, and in this form it is laid out on a beautiful hill lettuce.
We decided to use a radish? Why not, cut it into thin slices, and you can take advantage of special forms that will help them cut out the flowers that decorate some excellent cold appetizers and salads. And the flowers themselves from the radish can be supplemented halves circles cucumbers or carrots, securing the building with a toothpick.
For dishes and decorations using paprika of different colors, and as in fresh and pickled, it is sufficient to cut circles, that pepper looked attractive. 
If you are a "fan" of mushrooms, it can be used for this purpose and this option and, fit and boiled mushrooms, and pickled form. As for what the mushrooms would be better to look at the same sandwich, it is better to give preference to mushrooms, butter mushrooms, honey mushrooms, chanterelles or Borovik small size. 
Of course, the green - this is the win-win situation, which is used as decoration in many mistresses. In particular, the feathers of green onions can be cut with a sharp knife in the shape of a fan, or a brush, filling out their salad.
If we take advantage of dill, parsley, celery, however, like green onions, a dish, decorated by them, will benefit by its taste, and not just acquire more attractive and appetizing appearance.
Are popular among housewives and various salad leaves, which are often line the bottom of the salad bowls, not worse, if salad will be posted to individual beam, the more so because it is very useful to our health. 
Used to decorate salads and fruits, as well as berries, and also not necessarily only in their fresh form. In this case, fit and apples and pears, and citrus fruits, and plums, and grapes, and kiwi and pomegranate seeds and sprigs of red currants, etc., they will give not only the refinement of dishes, but also improve its taste. As for strawberries and grapes, they can sprinkle with sugar or powdered sugar.
Of course, it makes an attractive dish to a great extent and variety of sauces and combinations thereof. Prepare sweet white sauce and a small amount of pour on dessert plates (flat), and around the diameter, with equal distance from each other, apply droplets of sauce onto another dish prepared on the basis of strawberries, raspberries or chocolate. Then, using a toothpick or a sharpened match, towards the white sauce to spend some lines, create any image.
When serving the main course, "the main thing" pudding lay in the middle of the vessel in which you are planning to make it to the table, and place the vegetable side dish, but remember that it should not extend beyond the edges of the plates around.
When cutting meat, do it across the grain, holding the knife diagonally, and slices of meat will turn you trim. And do not try to cut the meat hot, let it cool a little, so it you did not break while cutting.
If you carve the chicken, then try to put portions so as to give the appearance of integrity of the bird carcass.
When it comes to supply of finished meat products, they are not forbidden to apply for a single dish, laying rows of different variants.
But when it comes to ham sliced, the more attractive it will give a decoration in the form of green lettuce, with stacked them quartered eggs. In this case, the dish will look more saturated and cause the appetite of your guests.  
Enjoy your appetite and beautiful holiday table. A source:
Women's magazine about beauty and health

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