Parenting in Japanese

Parenting in Japanese

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Parenting in Japanese

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parentingLiberal parenting style is characterized by the fact that parents appreciate the child's freedom to recognize his right to freedom of expression. Liberalism - it is a word that carries our language, positive color, recalling the political trends in developed countries. But, unfortunately, in the annex to the education he is not. His second name - permissive. In conversations with parents, as well as in the Internet space regularly meet with mental arguments that parents and children should be first and foremost friends. The fact that you have to go from children desire not to interfere with their free and creative development. That parents should not be selfish and should immediately respond to the appeals of the offspring to communicate. If the child does not respond, you need to understand his desire and the opportunity to satisfy it. And in general - less of prohibitions, restrictions and moralistic. Parents-liberals like to mention the "Japanese system" of education, which fits all of the above. In Japan, up to 5 years, parents should not make children the observations put bans, even if it will come to mind to color the cat. The most that can be said mother. "Dangerous", "dirty" or "bad" You can not compare a child with someone else. And in general - communication with the child should be as soft. Clearly, in these circumstances, the parents do follow the wishes of the children. And since Japan is an advanced country from all points of view, on the part of the parents there is a temptation to adopt this system. As for the "Japanese system", then there is valid saying: "that the Japanese well, then our - death." Our parents do not consider that in a situation where hardly used direct orders and bans child powerfully works emulated system. A child watching his parents, who behave very socially. Someone who is, let alone Japanese parents firmly know the truth: behave the way you want to behave your child. Unfortunately, among our parents it is more of a rarity than a rule. And even if the adults in the family are true role models for the rest surrounding (and acquaintances, and strangers) can be quite different! In Japan, everyone behaves, "not to lose face." And so the child watching adults (any!), Receives constant reinforcement of the "right" behavior. Such a possibility he has up to 5 years. But after 5 years, the style is changed to an authoritarian and not remain "free" indefinitely! A source:

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