Doctors have found a new way to heal wounds

Doctors have found a new way to heal wounds

medicine, research   Gel microcapsules created from stem cells, which can be impregnated dressings to promote wound healing. Successfully completed testing of the capsules in the treatment of horses, that gives scientists confidence in their effectiveness to accelerate secure the regeneration of tissue damage in humans. Previously, scientists have learned how to heal wounds with a special capsule. It has long been known that the mesenchymal stem cells contribute to the regeneration of damaged tissues. Delivery of these cells directly into the wound while protecting the injured area from external infections and other dangers will connect the capsules, which contain a gel with stromal cells. Scientists have created the technology of encapsulation of mesenchymal cells, which allows you to fill bandages or other dressings capsules with a "living" gel. With banding open wounds such bandage to protect them from the external environment and the dangerous target delivery required to accelerate the regeneration of tissue stem cells. Designed capsule were tested in experiments on the healing of open wounds in horses. The results of these experiments showed that the capsule safely dissolve in the damaged tissues and dramatically speeds up the process of regeneration. This effect is made possible due to the full protection of wounded area from external harmful influences dressings and quality transportation of stem cells into the damaged tissue. The tests of the new technology on horseback gives confidence in its effectiveness for the treatment of wounds in humans, as the body of large mammals is very similar to human. The encapsulation method will help bring in the injured area, not only mesenchymal cells, but also vitamins or medicines. Dressings comprising such capsule medical without exaggeration be called "living bandage".  

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