Doctors have advised the diet of women in menopause

Doctors have advised the diet of women in menopause

climacteric   Swedish researchers found that women in menopause is very useful paleodieta rich in protein and unsaturated fat. The researchers said that following this diet effectively protects women against characteristic of this period of fullness.  

"Paleolithic diet is full of great help to women after menopause to lose weight and keep fit," - said the study's authors, members of the University of Umeå. During their experiments, participants who shared paleodiety, dropped more than the harmful fat in the abdomen.

  Scientists have two years of watching a group of 70 obese women, survivors of menopause. Their average BMI was above 27. This figure has not yet signal the critical obesity, but it is associated with a sharp increase in risk of diseases such as type II diabetes, hypertension and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Women were divided into groups: one stuck to the Scandinavian type of food, the other - paleodiety. These diets have many similarities, but paleodieta exclude from the diet of all cereals and milk. Sugar - completely banned, but the salt is strictly controlled. Meals paleodiete - it is vegetables, lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs, sunflower seeds, nuts and fruits. Results of the study were as follows. Lost weight all women who participated in the experiment, but results paleodieta yet proved effective. "Paleolithic" group on average lost weight from 87 to 78 kilograms, "Scandinavian" - from 86 to 80. Participants who shared paleodiety, dropped more than the harmful fat in the abdomen, they have reduced the level of lipids in the blood are associated with increased levels of type 2 diabetes . In addition, these women were less active enzymes responsible for fat storage ", - reported the scientists. 

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