Doctors have uncovered the impact of night work on the figure

Doctors have uncovered the impact of night work on the figure

obesity   Scientists have discovered why night work interferes lose weight. It was found that fat in the body require a regular rhythm of day and night so that he responded to a person trying to lose weight. Night work violates the metabolism and difficult process of losing weight, the study found. People have only one specific protein, which absorbs energy from fat and the remainder of the transfers to the reserve under the skin. Like other metabolic signaling pathways protein called NFIL3 relies on the natural day and night. This cycle required for full operation. And now scientists from the University of Texas found that a violation of this cycle of rest and wakefulness, which is seen in people who work night shifts or make long flights, leading to excess weight, obesity and, as a consequence of diabetes. Experiments have shown that intestinal bacteria produce proteins that are synchronized with the circadian cycle NFIL3. In turn, NFIL3 controls circadian fluctuations in the metabolic pathways that regulate the absorption of fat and its exports to the intestinal mucosa cells. In this study, the researchers analyzed eight mice that are genetically predisposed to having a more slender body. The mice were placed on a fat Western diet for 10 weeks. At the same time they held normal rhythm of sleep and wakefulness. Then the rhythm was completely changed to the opposite, when they were active at night and sleeping during the day. It turned out that during normal days the severity of burning fat protein was much more intense. Consequently, their metabolism during normal graph closer to normal. This study provides a better understanding of why the breakdown in communication between the intestinal microbiota and the circadian rhythms of the body lead to metabolic diseases, scientists believe.

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