Doctors told 5 ways to wrinkle prevention

Doctors told 5 ways to wrinkle prevention

wrinkles   Wrinkles are not pleased with the fair sex, because they remind us of the inexorable running time. After thirty, many women begin to notice at the first warning signs of wrinkling. In forty years, the problem becomes very serious.   Why do we have wrinkles? There are several reasons:   age signs. Over time, the body reduces the production of the necessary elasticity to the skin substances. Part of them can be bridged by beauty treatments and thorough home care for the person. But finally stop the process until the power even geneticist.   Ultra-violet rays. Their overabundance causes premature aging of the skin.   Environmental pollution.Harmful substances in the atmosphere have a negative effect on health in general and to the exterior in particular.   Nutrition. Lack of vitamin E and iron leads to loss of skin elasticity.   Rapid weight loss. If a short period of losing a large amount of kilograms, the skin begins to sag, and the deposition of the folds and wrinkles.   Smoking. Cigarette smoke, harmful substances in tobacco prematurely age the smokers. To delay the appearance of wrinkles, it is necessary to take measures on prevention - never stay in the sun without causing the skin a special sunscreen. Do not forget about the skin of the neck and hands. - continually moisturize the face and body - drink more water to moisturize skin from the inside - give up the smoking habit - stick to the diet, rich in vitamins and nutrients. Especially needs vitamins A, C, E, and K.

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