The doctors told us that affects the shape of the breast

The doctors told us that affects the shape of the breast

breast shape, lifestyle   If you notice how your breasts are beginning to fall, you should not blame only breastfeeding. Scientists have found that this unpleasant phenomenon, there are other reasons. The Aesthetic Surgery Journal magazine published the results of study of American scientists from the School of Medicine, Case Western University. They studied the features of age-related changes of female breast identical twins. Researchers do digital photos busts in 161 pairs of sisters to attend special events for the twins in Twinsburg in 2009 and 2010. Then, images were displayed plastic surgeons. They take into account various factors that can affect the way some reason dropped the chest. Indeed, despite the external similarity, sister, as a rule, lead separate lives. But the final conclusion of researchers is that although many of pregnancy and breast feeding are among the factors affecting the drooping breasts, they are not the only factors. Among other identified smoking, alcohol abuse, weight gain and, in fact, the presence of magnificent bust (in this case, most notably the laws of gravity). It is curious that such a figure as the quality of the skin, women who are breastfeeding, was better than that of those who did not. So that women who felt that their breasts fell after childbirth and breastfeeding, not fantasized not mistaken. But a healthy lifestyle can significantly smooth out this effect. In addition, it is able to help and hormone replacement therapy (although there is still a link between HRT and an increased risk of breast cancer). Twins who regularly moistened her breasts had on her skin less typical age-related wrinkles, which also established researchers. 

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