Doctors told about the main precursors of birth

Doctors told about the main precursors of birth

birth Expectant mother, starting at 32-33 weeks of pregnancy, can feel preparatory fights. They differ from the real fights his no regularity. Between them, the time is not reduced and the duration of contractions is not increased. These fights usually do not open the cervix, but delivery is possible disclosure of a couple of centimeters. It is also possible fight in the evening or night. Their goal - maintaining the muscles of the abdomen and uterus in shape to prepare for the upcoming birth. For some women, there is numbness of the limbs, especially the legs, due to lowering of the head, which is possible pinched nerve okonchaniya.Uvelichivaetsya outflow of colostrum from the breast and the amount of vaginal discharge, usually a week before delivery appears forgetfulness and distraction. Mucous plug moves per day or less before delivery. Cork with bloody veins and can be quite heavy, which is absolutely normal. Since the baby protects the remaining shell, a woman can continue to do their usual business. Discharge of mucus plug indicates that a woman is required to give birth in the next few days. In some cases, move the mucus plug can be after the start of contractions. Can speak about the approaching birth and pain, it is often a feeling of heaviness and fatigue. Feeling women may be similar to menstrual pain. Soft and frequent stools, mistaken for a simple upset stomach, can also be a precursor to the birth. Often labor begins with the rupture of membranes. From the formed shells in the uterus thin bag, and wherein the amniotic fluid and are crumb. Due to the amniotic waters of the baby is protected from external influences, and the bag of waters, in turn, protects against any infection. Every woman has a different amount of waste water, the average is 1-1.5 liters. Pain usually does not happen. Amniotic fluid every woman out in different ways, some slowly, as a mild urinary incontinence, among other wave, which is impossible to contain. If resulted plenty of fluids and it continues to leak, you must safely collected and sent to the hospital. The color of the amniotic fluid is very important, so you should pay attention to what color they are. They should be colorless, with a sweet smell, and they can often be seen whitish flakes. Change their color to brown or greenish means that the child has occurred for some reason, anoxia and its chair - meconium - got into the amniotic fluid. When brown or greenish color should immediately inform your doctor. Every pregnant woman's body is completely different, and therefore harbingers childbirth every woman can greatly differ. For one, many harbingers of births may go unnoticed, while others feel uncomfortable with their approach. But, dear mother, each is probably not very pleasant feeling brings you to leave, and therefore - to a meeting with your baby!

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