Doctors have told about the influence of diet on the body

Doctors have told about the influence of diet on the body

consultation   Many tend to lose weight in the past month or a few weeks and at the same time are afraid to hurt their health. And these fears are fully justified. There are many cases when fasting or rigid diet induced anorexia - a popular and rather common disease among women and girls. Overweight women have long been exhausting, lowering their self-esteem, bringing to life the inconvenience and complexes. This stimulates pyshnotelye beauties "work" on his body until it is completely depleted. More sparing diet regimen provides protein diet.   proper diet   Diet, as well as a medal has 2 sides: it can have positive results without side effects if you use it for cleaning the body, but abuse can lead to disastrous consequences and even death. Thus, it is clear that diet effects on the human body is unique, because it all depends on the person and its purpose. To feel full of energy and strength, it is necessary every day to eat a certain amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. Rigid diets exclude from the diet of all the substances causing the body is exposed to great danger. If you are trying to lose weight, then calculate the quantity of materials so as to improve the metabolism, clean the intestines and does not harm the pancreas, the central nervous system, stomach, intestines and other vital organs. Calculate your diet so that in the day you ate 1400-1500 calories .:

  • Proteins (15 %) - 210 kcal, i.e. 52.5 g of protein;
  • Fats (30 %) - 420 kcal, i.e. 46.6 grams of fat;
  • Carbohydrates (55 %) - 770 kcal, i.e. 205.3 grams of carbohydrates.

  Detrimental effect diet  

  • Too much suffering immune system.
  • There is iron deficiency anemia.
  • Sometimes there is an allergy to the product, which is the foundation of your diet.
  • Disturbed metabolism.
  • There are problems with digestion.
  • Less likely to become pregnant.
  • Infertility arises.
  • There is a urolithiasis.
  • There is a constant weakness of the body.
  • Appear constipation.
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  Positive aspects of different diets   positive result is possible only if the person does not abuse diets, if you stick to a healthy diet and limits itself only to harmful food. With this you can:

  • Significantly reduce the weight.
  • Restore normal intestinal function.
  • Clean the intestines of toxins.
  • Restore metabolism.
  • Get rid of constipation.
  • Train your body to eat smaller amounts of food.
  • To raise their self-esteem.

  Do not forget that each diet is distributed over a certain period of time, so do not keep it yourself. Repeat every diet is desirable no more than an interval of 2 months.

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