Doctors often considered healthy people sick

Doctors often considered healthy people sick

diabetes   You have dangerously elevated cholesterol? Perhaps your doctor has made quite a common mistake and began treatment, which can only hurt. During a routine inspection revealed that your cholesterol level is 6.6 mmol / l at the allowable rate of 5.1. The doctor tells you that cholesterol is "off scale", and therefore, you need to get worried. We can talk about taking preventive medications, changes in diet, lifestyle, more frequent health checks, etc. But do not worry and mentally prepare yourself for a heart attack or stroke. The fact that "cholesterol limits" has been steadily declining in recent years. Thus, even 20 years ago, the permissible upper limit of cholesterol was 7.6 mmol / l, so that you and your 6.6 would be assigned to the category of healthy people. And with this I agree the famous Dr. Gilbert Welch of the US.  

"There are many conditions in which you may be labeled as" sick ", simply because you do not fit in any figures, but not because of any symptoms," - said Dr. Welch.

  Earlier this month, the British Ministry of Health lowered the numerical targets for diagnostic tests for type 2 diabetes, which led to a 20 % jump in the number of cases. This means that thousands of people will be receiving treatment for type 2 diabetes, while perhaps not having any symptoms. Dr. Welch calls it the "epidemic of overdiagnosis." To put it simply, physical abnormalities (do not fit in any figures), which is likely not in any way prevent us to live to a ripe old age and did not show, become a cause for the beginning of treatment. When in fact you do not even ill.

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