Apple diet - to minus 4 kg for 4 days

Apple diet - to minus 4 kg for 4 days

apple diet   Most likely, there is not a woman who at least once in my life have tried any diet. Number diets offered on the Internet is growing exponentially. Probably only sweets are not used for mono-diet, as well as a product take - all can be the basis of the diet. And apples are no exception. Apples are perfect for so-called unloading days, and are also used to instantly drop the extra kilos. Apple diet better start spending one fasting day that the body has adapted, experts advise magazine, and she diet should not last more than 4 days. Another important point is the use of apples, namely that they can be eaten in its original form, mash, rub on a grater, bake and even just to drink fruit juice. It is also important to remember that you can eat in a day not more than half a kilo of the fruit of paradise. One of the significant disadvantages of this diet is the fact that apple juice provoke hunger and so you want to eat. By the way apple juice is not very suitable for people with diseases of the stomach. Known nutritionists advised not to sit on such a radical diet, but if everything has been decided, it is desirable to include in the diet of protein (chicken breast, lean fish, egg). Another apple diet can be combined with kefir. Here, read more about the menu and the apple diet.  

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