Apple juice is very good for the heart - doctors

Apple juice is very good for the heart - doctors

apples   French researchers recommend eating apples every day - the juice of this fruit is extremely good for the heart. Investigating the effects of apple juice on the cardiovascular system, carried out by researchers from the University of Monesple, it showed that apple juice acts as a heart medicine to protect against myocardial diseases. According to scientific experts, apple juice prevents the development of cardiovascular disease and particularly atherosclerosis, the pathological process associated with the loss of elasticity of the vascular tissues and increases the risk of vascular spasms, heart attacks and strokes. Apples are just as powerful antioxidants like grape, the study authors noted. Grapes, as has already been shown to previous scientific research, can have a positive effect on the heart, a superior action of drugs. The abundance of antioxidants in apples promotes cleansing of vessels by fatty plaques, provoking the appearance of atherosclerosis, French test work demonstrated and their experiments with animals. Eat apples useful every day, they are convinced.

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