Succinic acid slimming

Succinic acid slimming

Slimming, succinic acid A harmless substance which is a product of natural amber, has many useful properties - that is succinic acid, which is a white powder and crystal-tastes like citric acid. Succinic acid is present in every human body. Every day on their own needs and is produced using about 200 g of this acid. Healthy person is quite enough produced by the body and goes with food a certain amount of succinic acid. Under unfavorable conditions (when the body is under stress or physical stress) succinic acid consumption significantly increases and the body is experiencing its shortage. As a result, deterioration of health, fatigue and malaise appears that leads to the development of various diseases.   Succinic acid, as an effective tool for weight loss , "Could be a succinic acid, an assistant in the process of losing weight?" - this question is very interested in women who wish to have an attractive figure without much effort. Succinic acid is used as a means to help reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in blood, to rid the body of harmful toxins, and lose weight. This is due to the diuretic effect and enhance the metabolism. If simultaneously with the reception of succinic acid to combine sport and abide by the rules of a balanced diet, you can quickly and easily not only reduce weight but also to stabilize it. Because the succinic acid has a firming effect, during the process of slimming the body will not feel fatigue, and burst of energy.   The benefits from the use of succinic acid Using the succinic acid has on the curative and restorative effects, and thus the side effects are not observed, and also there is no danger of addiction.  

  • Succinic acid is a powerful antioxidant that is able to provide anti-aging effects, and prolong life.
  • Helps rejuvenate the body after stressful, exhausting sports, after acclimatization, travel and various diets.
  • The use of succinic acid and contributes to the strengthening of immunity, and normalizes the nervous system and the production of insulin.
  • It promotes better blood microcirculation in tissues and organs.
  • Succinic acid, having antitoxic property, reduces the effects of the human body intoxication.
  • Succinic acid helps improve the performance of many organs: brain, heart, kidney, liver, has a prophylactic and therapeutic effect in different tumors.
  • During pregnancy, the use of succinic acid facilitates hormonal changes maternal organism and flow toxicosis. A sufficient level of succinic acid in the mother reduces the risk of oxygen starvation of the fetus.
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All the above indicates succinic acid ability to defend the body from various diseases and prolong life.   Succinic acid content in foods addition to succinic acid can be purchased at a pharmacy, it is also contained in the set product. Applying them for food, you can successfully replace pills. The increased amount of the desired product is contained in the body curdled milk and yogurt, cheeses, high-quality wine products made from rye flour, oysters, and brewer's yeast. Also high content of succinic acid available in grapes and gooseberry, beet juice, seeds, sunflower and barley. Champion of the content of the acid is alfalfa. Most products do not contain succinic acid, and many states (Russia, including a) allow its use in the food industry. Adding it makes products more valuable, and antioxidant properties prolong their shelf life.   The dosage of succinic acid is recommended to start with a course receiving 500 mg every day after breakfast. If you feel better, then the dose should be reduced to 200-100 mg. If, however, signs of improvement in the state of the body are missing, the dosage increase, taking 2 times a day 500 mg. For the purpose of weight loss should be taken after meal 1 tablet 2-3 times a day for 2 months. Taking succinic acid, it is necessary after every three days of making a break for 1-2 days. The course of treatment with a daily intake should not exceed 10 days. Succinic acid can enter the body in different ways. If amber is in contact with the skin, the particles that are acid in the body through the pores. Therefore, it is often women wear necklaces and bracelets made of amber. Take succinic acid can not everyone, despite the fact that these drugs without a prescription. There are a number of contraindications, when this drug is strictly forbidden: for gastric and duodenal ulcers, hypertension, kidney stones, glaucoma and ischemic heart disease.

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