Julia Vysotsky sits on a liquid diet 7 days

Julia Vysotsky sits on a liquid diet 7 days

When Julia Vysotsky was not yet his wife Konchalovsky, and studied at the Theater Institute in Minsk, she decided to go to church to confess. Came to the priest and told him a long time that a sinner who lives unmarried with a guy that is engaged in sinful profession and generally concerned for their souls. The priest shook his head and said to Julia during the year in compliance with strict fasting - not eating animal products. Julia turned to a vegetarian meal, and for the year gained 17 kg.

Julia Vysotsky

Years passed, Julia returned to form, met her future husband, started to run in the mornings and do Pilates. But until now, she is in constant struggle with two extra pounds, from which it did not manage to get rid of completely.

As it is known, the husband of Julia Andrei Konchalovsky very attentive to what to eat. Having lived many years in the West, he professes the cult of organic products, limiting all refined, fatty, sweet. The family Konchalovsky and made Vysotsky has a lot of rice, fish - boiled or baked in salt, chicken - also boiled, salads, lots of vegetables.

Julia herself bakes bread made of coarse flour, do not eat fried potatoes, hamburgers, never drinks soda and limit itself in sweet, try not to eat a lot of cheese ... and still recovering. For the family and for the program "Eat at home" she has a lot to cook, so the presenter, always being in the kitchen, eating a lot.

Periodically, Vysotskaya sits on a liquid diet, during which permitted vegetable soups, fresh juices and teas. A liquid diet helps to both lose weight and cleanse the body (as opposed to, say, the protein diet). The cleaning liquid for drinking diet can be followed in a single day. In his video blog Julia Vysotsky admitted that sits on the juices and broth for 7 days. This mode is called gentle starvation.

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EXAMPLE liquid diet

grassy or green tea with lemon juice or water with a slice of lemon or a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Morning energy cocktail (1 cucumber, lemon-floor, 2 carrots, beets half 2 celery, fresh parsley, ginger root piece - pass through the juicer) or any fresh vegetable or fruit juice, unsweetened

A glass of water or a cup of herbal tea
Any vegetable juice
Glass of water with lemon

vegetable juice

A glass of water with lemon
Warm vegetable broth or vegetable juice
Glass of water with lemon
vegetable juice or cold vegetable soup with avocado and cucumber or carrot.

Such a rigid diet Julia believes, above all, a purification. For weight loss, it uses other extreme diet:

Figure 3 days
3 days chicken
3 days Vegetables

- According to this diet, - says Julia Vysotsky in an interview Lose Weight correctly - you can drink only 2 hours before the rice, one hour before the chicken - and I felt like this for me. On this diet, I sat 3 times over the last year. Very fast and easy to lose weight ... and the faster you type.

Vysotskaya while continuing to experiment with different ways of weight loss, and is in the process of losing weight permanently. Andrei Konchalovsky suggested that perhaps it is necessary to his wife lifestyle - always be in the fight with two overweight.

Masha Pertseva specifically for Dietplan.ru

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